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▌ Heathfield Contracting - Barney's Boys

Barnery's Boys follows the team at Heathfield Contracting throughout a typically busy season. In doing so, a number of activities are undertaken including slurry spreading using different methods, ploughing, sowing, silage making and hedge cutting.

Throughout the production the dedication of his team is apparent; as indeed is their ability to do the job, sometimes with a bit of humour but always with efficiency and professionalism. A brief insight into the operations and equipment used gives the viewer an appreciation of what's entailed in a busy contracting environment.

We also see how Barney develops the business, new machinery and equipment to take on new operations and maintenance of the existing fleet. A valuable insight into contracting operations as undertaken by Heathfield Contracting - 'Barney's Boys'.

Narrated by Dr. John Kerr

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