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Order Code : LFP0141 Heavy Plant On The Farm v3
Patrick Stephen McLaughlin from Glenullin in the townland of Formil six miles outside Garvagh has been in business for over 20 years, serving the hill farming community as a contractor. We follow PS as he clears snow drifts with the digger, fences, scrub mulching, mows and round baling and PS even finds time to take in a Charity Tractor Road Run in Glenarm in Co. Antrim. Over the years he's had experience in a range of Zetor tractors. We see him taking delivery of the new 130 HD Zetor, the first of its kind in this area. His experience of Zetor tractors has been a good one, these powerful, reliable machines have become the backbone of his business. Be it for haulage, snow ploughing or whatever, 'Zetor Power' is the answer for PS's fleet. Narrated by Dr John Kerr
Order Code : LFP0142 Braetop Contracts - Big Work for Small Money
This production follows Kevin O'Kane from Braetop Contracts, we see him carting bale silage to lambing sheep, spreading slurry, cutting silage, round baling and sowing fertilizer. Braetop Contracts have targetted their customer base as being the smaller upland farmer and have developed to provide a reliable and affordable service with suitable sized machinery. The weather however has provided the biggest challenge this year. Braetop Contracts have shown they can meet the challenges with the team around them, and being as flexible as they are allows Braetop Contracts to do "Big Work for Small Money". Narrated by Dr. John Kerr Running Time 100 Mins
Order Code : LFP0139 Clyde Contracts
Clyde Contracts - Contracting in East Antrim Stephen Clyde farms and contracts near Straid, near Ballyclare in Co. Antrim. As a busy farmer and contractor he has a full year of different contracting tasks and work which take him around this area of East Antrim. This production follows Stephen and his workforce as they run the dairy farm, cut hedges, spread slurry using various methods, plough, sow and harvest silage, wholecrop and maize. It s a busy schedule and will give an insight into modern contracting today in one of Northern Ireland's fertile agricultural areas. Running time 1hr 40min and narrated by Dr. John Kerr
Order Code : LFP0137 Milking Through The Years
Milking Through The Years is a unique production looking at various methods of milking systems and machines since early 1860s to the present day. In the 1900s the invention of bucket cluster and pipelines were developed which allowed the farmer to increase in herd size. Parlours were the next development to come along and the idea of cows walking into the parlour instead of the byre boosted production efficiency. Then came the rotary parlours thus pushing efficiency even further. Perhaps the most significant development has been the use of robotic milkers, allowing the farmers to manage their herd. A visit to Owenskerry commercial milking goats shows us how the parlour can be adapted to cope with different species of milk producer. Interesting, informative and entertaining! Relax and enjoy this overview of developments in milk production. Narrated by Mary-Lou Richmond Running time 1hr 20mins
Order Code : LFP0134 B.H. Dickey & Son
- Working to get the job done This production of B.H. Dickey & Son shows how Brian has diversified into contracting work while still maintaining an operational farm, with sheep, cattle and the main emphasis now placed on poultry production. Brian and son Philip provide 'seasonal contracting services' beginning in the Spring time with dung spreading, ploughing and sowing. Later in the season silage mowing and baling both square and round bales. Haylage production also features prominently in their season. Harvesting cereals, some of which they have sown also features in their busy contracting schedule. They manage to juggle all this with intensive poultry production, producing a crop of birds every six to eight weeks! Even in their closed season Brian and Philip manage to keep full time jobs. This is an interesting insight into what it takes to diversify successfully in today's agricultural environment. Narrated by Dr. John Kerr
Order Code : LFP0133 Fresh Fields
Rooted in Experience - The McKee Bros Mark and James known as Fresh Fields in Comber Co. Down have been involved with the production of vegetables for many years. From the preparation and cultivation of the land to the sowing of seed, spraying and harvesting with up-to-date machinery this production shows how Fresh Fields team with their experience produce a top class product. In the factory, we see how this produce is prepared and packaged. We can appreciate the dedication of the staff, at all levels, in presenting the end product in appealing and eye catching packaging, for you, the customer, in the supermarket to the corner shop. Wherever you choose to buy your produce, you can be assured it was produced and packaged using all the experience and expertise available. The dedication of the staff ensures product quality is unrivalled. The production is both interesting and informative and shows just how Fresh Fields are rooted in experience and dedicated to quality.
Order Code : LFP0132 Tom Cochrane - Champion Ploughman
A year in the life of Tom Cochrane, Champion Ploughman & Agri Contractor - A 100 minutes of Contracting Action at it's best! This production is set around the beautiful North Coast of Ireland. It's a snap shot of activities of agricultural entrepreneur Tom Cochrane. The main business is that of Agricultural Contracting which dovetails neatly with Tom's machinery sales, and is complimented by the Health Farm at Springwell Manor, the Cochrane family home. This production takes times out from the busy schedule to follow Tom in his chosen sport, that of match ploughing, from local club level to world level competition. Tom is the reigning European Champion 2014, and is obviously passionate about his ploughing. Sit back and relax and watch as we see lime spreading, sowing, slurry spreading and bringing in the silage harvest. Narrated by John Kerr
Order Code : LFP0131 The Brae Farmer & Hill Contractors
The Brae Farmer and Hill Contractors is set in glorious countryside around Rathfriland in Co. Down. In this close knit farming community, agriculture has been part of life for many generations. Join us on a journey into their farming life as farmers and contractors work draining a local moss and local fields, cutting silage, cutting barley and baling. Late in the year ploughing and sowing cereal crops is part of the routine as well as dry stone ditching. A real insight into a farming community. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFT0057 Hedge Cutting - The Extreme Sawman
This exciting DVD follows Matthew Dougan, 'The Extreme Sawman' as he travels around Co. Armagh, Co. Down, Co. Monaghan and beyond cutting both hedges and trees using his Daewoo Digger with a saw attached to his own specification. Watch as he levels hedges and removes trees with incredible speed and accuracy with digger. Matthew demonstrates how he uses his McConnell 6500 T Hedge Cutter and also modified bushwhacker on the digger to cut the hedges leaving a neat and tidy job - no time wasting. Cutting with incredible power and speed to earn is title. Narrated by Dr. John Kerr
Order Code : LFP0130 Heathfield Contracting - Barney's Boys
Barnery's Boys follows the team at Heathfield Contracting throughout a typically busy season. In doing so, a number of activities are undertaken including slurry spreading using different methods, ploughing, sowing, silage making and hedge cutting. Throughout the production the dedication of his team is apparent; as indeed is their ability to do the job, sometimes with a bit of humour but always with efficiency and professionalism. A brief insight into the operations and equipment used gives the viewer an appreciation of what's entailed in a busy contracting environment. We also see how Barney develops the business, new machinery and equipment to take on new operations and maintenance of the existing fleet. A valuable insight into contracting operations as undertaken by Heathfield Contracting - 'Barney's Boys'. Narrated by Dr. John Kerr
Order Code : LFP0128 Texel Breeders Year
This production follows a year in the life and work of the Northern Ireland Texel Breeders Club. Join members during the lambing season and later on in the Spring as they prepare for the show season, beginning at Balmoral right through to Antrim Show. As the year progresses it's time for the Premier Sales, visiting Ballymena Mart for the NI Premier Show and Sale and Lanark for the Scottish National Show and Sale. With Autumn approaching, the breeding season gets underway with both natural and artificial methods used. It's not hard work as club interaction at the many activities allows members to meet, relax and enjoy a more social side of the Texel Breeders Year. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP0125 McFarland Machinery
McFarland Machinery - As We See It... This production takes a behind the scenes look at life as an agricultural machinery dealer, featuring many of their customers using machines bought from McFarlands. On display are Pottinger Mowers, Tedders, Rakes, Wagons and Forage Harvesters, Merlo Telehandlers, Steyr Tractors, Reck Silage Spreaders and Slurry Mixers, also featured is an Anaerobic Digester, staff and customers are interviewed and tell their story about McFarlands Machinery business, as they see it. Informative, entertaining and educational. Narrated by George Dallas.
Order Code : LFP0122 From Grass to Milk
Silage Production, fertilizer spreading, slurry and milking cows on a South Down Farm. In Grass to Milk we meet dairy farmers William and David Parke from Ballywarde, near Castlewellan in South Down. With over 800 cattle to feed, silage will become the herd's main food resource. This production follows the family as they prepare 230 acres of ground for silage with slurry and fertilizer and later cutting and lifting the silage crop. It includes aspects of work involved in maintaining and feeding such a large herd of beasts, a production which shows the importance of silage to a farming family. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP0121 J.N Contracts – The Best in the West
Slurry spreading, ploughing & Silage Harvest Fermanagh is one of the wettest counties in Ireland, a land of lakes and rivers but it’s an area of rich agricultural farmland where for generations people have made their living. Today one young contractor, Jonathan Neal of J.N Contracts is an up and coming name in the agricultural contracting sector, but here in Fermanagh there are many problems facing the farming community as a whole and contracting in particular – the biggest being the terrible summers in recent years. Join Johnnie and his team as they spread slurry, plough, plant maize, mow and lift silage, contracting amid awful conditions – overcoming all these problems to prove that they are what their motto says: ‘The Best in the West.’ Narrated by George Dallas Running Time 90 minutes
Order Code : LFP0119 A Touch of Claas
JD Townley & Son – One of Ireland’s oldest and largest contractors 2 hours of the best agriculture film footage – Ploughing, Slurry, Silage, Harvesting etc. A Touch of Claas follows one of the oldest and largest contractors in Ireland as they work through a busy year in difficult weather conditions. The production follows this large team as they work across Co. Down cultivating and ploughing, spreading slurry and sowing a variety of crops. With summer arriving, the workforce moves on to cutting silage, harvesting cereal and baling. Autumn sees the maize harvest get underway and the production ends with a special event, a memorable day for the Townley family. A full 2 hours of contracting with ‘A Touch of Claas’. Narrated by George Dallas.
Order Code : LFP0120 A CLAAS Act
J.Wilson AGRI Contracts - 90 minutes of Slurry Spreading, Ploughing, Silage, Wholecrop etc. J.Wilson AGRI Contracts – ‘A Claas Act’ tells the story of a busy North Antrim contracting firm who work throughout the whole year. Set amid the beautiful scenery of Co. Antrim we follow Ryan Boyle and John Wilson with their hardworking team of men as they get to work on a host of agriculture contracts including slurry spreading, ploughing, preparing the ground for seed, silage, wholecrop harvesting and hedge maintenance. It’s a heartwarming production of a close family working together in a competitive market.
Order Code : CD005 CD - Farming Songs pt5 by Peter Mac
A collection of Original Farming Songs, featuring J.D and his team The Cry of the Farmer & Holidays in Co. Down! Pete McKeever has been writing songs for a few years. Peter started to write farming songs to accompany the fantastic DVDs produced by Linton Film Productions.
Order Code : LFP0117 A Tail of Shorty’s Rescue
Watch the amazing rescue of the now famous ‘Shorty’ the Cow as seen on TV. A moving fascinating true story of an incredible recovery. Shorty, the cow disappeared from her grazing field in the Sperrin Mountains to be found hundreds of feet below trapped in a steep wooded glen. This production follows the amazing story of how the Gibson family, with a Mountain Rescue Team and Cow Rescue Expert Joe Rodgers bring her up in what some claimed would be an impossible task. Follow Shorty’s rescue and her return to health, as she gives birth to the calf which she had been carrying during her ordeal. A beautiful, moving story of one family’s love for the cow. Narrated by George Dallas.
Order Code : LFP0116 Charity Excavator Challenge
Charity Excavator Challenge, Diggin’ Out the Digger tells the story of Sean Donohoe’s dream of retrieving a 30 ton Atlas Excavator Digger which sank some 15 foot into a boggy grave 20 years previously near Teemore in Co. Fermanagh. Gathering a team of helpers an attempt will be made to bring out the digger and use the project as a charity event to aid the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice, Friends of Cavan Oncology, Ballieborough Cancer Care, Downs Syndrome Limerick and Spina Bifida. A really enthralling DVD as we join the thousands of spectators who turned up on the day to watch this event unfold. Narrated by George Dallas Running Time 90 minutes
Order Code : CD004 CD - Farming Songs pt4 by Peter Mac
Pete McKeever has been writing songs for a few years. Peter started to write farming songs to accompany the fantastic DVDs produced by Linton Film Productions. This CD is a collection of original farming songs featuring My Massey Ferguson, The Dung Spreader and The Wee Fergie!
Order Code : LFP0115 Modern Timber Contracting & Harvesting
Modern Timber Contracting & Harvesting tells the story of two timber experts, Danny McVicker and Dominic Harrison. These two men come together to remove all timber from the wooded Rough Island on Mulroy Bay, Donegal. It’s a most awkward and difficult contract but relates the ingenious nature of such work. We follow the team to County Antrim where we see Dominic climbing and felling trees, an absolutely marvellous skill 40 feet off the ground. Finally we follow Danny at Shane’s Castle demonstrating the skill and craft of a timber expert. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP0112 Contracting All Hours
Contracting all hours is exactly what it means, as we follow the farm of D.J.McKay and Sons as they work throughout the year in all weather conditions and all hours. Battling against time and weather, hedges are cut, dung and slurry are spread with ploughing and planting completed. With the grass now ready, silage, whole crop and maize are all harvested and round baling finished. It’s a real family farm and business where work does mean ‘contracting all hours’ Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP0111 Massey on the Farm
Massey on the Farm follows the busy year of farmer and contractor Sandy Greer from Co. Antrim. Join with Sandy and his team as they begin the year cutting hedges before moving on to a rich variety of farming work – this includes spreading manure and dung, ploughing, preparing land, sowing barley and planting potatoes. Silage, cutting barley, gathering and picking potatoes are also included. Sandy’s ‘red army’ of Massey Ferguson tractors work through one of the wettest summers on record as they fight to save the harvest. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP0109 The Haymaker & Silage Farmer
A story of modern haymaking and silage production Mervyn and Alwyn McFarland are traditional hay and silage producers who harvest their crop at Ballykelly Aerodrome - a unique location. This flatland can provide up to 2000 round bales, a true sight to see all in one huge area. Once the hay harvest is over, fertiliser is sown and the silage crop is cut. Join us with one of Northern Ireland's largest Hay Producers at work on a very special farm. Narrated by George Dallas.
Order Code : LFP0108 Deere To The Land 2 DVD set
DOUBLE DVD PACK Stephen Moore Farm and Garden Machinery, based at 234 Drumcroone Road Coleraine has been in business since September 2008. Stephen Moore purchased the long established Gilpin Farm Machinery and has been working to increase market share and supply both existing and new customers over the last few years. The business is predominantly a John Deere dealership covering the North and West of NI, supplying tractors, balers, mowers, self propelled forage harvesters, gators, ride on and walk behind lawnmowers. They also have a DeLaval franchise for dairy equipment and hygiene solutions, Suzuki Quads, Stihl Garden Equipment, NC Equipment, Ritchie and Bomford Hedgecutters. The John Deere brand is recognised as a market leader in terms of both performance and reliability. Therefore, it was decided to make these DVDs in order to feature some of the customers who have invested their belief in John Deere and to show the versatility for both the small and medium sized farmer right up to the large contractor. The DVDs feature a calendar of events at the business as well as featuring the variety of tasks carried out with this premium brand throughout 2010 and 2011. With sincere thanks to all the customers who participated in the making of this film. We hope you enjoy it. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP0107 Digger Tragedy
A Digger Tragedy follows Patrick Stephen McLaughlin who at work on Glenshane with a Kebelco 135 falls victim to atrocious weather conditions. With digger and tractor both bogged deep in the mountain, help comes with Joe Rodgers and his unique Nuffied and winch. Watch as the team of men struggle in appalling conditions to try to recover the Kobelco from it's watery grave! Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP0106 Heavy Plant on the Farm Vol. 2
Heavy Plant on the Farm volume 2 continues to follow Patrick Stephen McLaughlin as he contracts throughout the year. With the arrival of summer work includes: cutting peat, cutting silage, round baling, draining land, cutting hedges, digging foundations as well as work on the home farm. This production shows the varied life of heavy plant contractors and the adaptability of their machinery on the farm. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : CD003 CD - Modern Farming Songs pt3 by Peter Mac
Pete McKeever has been writing songs for a few years. Peter started to write farming songs to accompany the fantastic DVDs produced by Linton Film Productions. This CD brings together just some of those wonderful songs that he wrote about modern day farming using the best machinery available. This CD (part 3) has ?The Mighty Zetor? among several other great songs
Order Code : LFP0103 Heavy Plant on the Farm Vol 1
Life on a Modern Mountain Farm Set in the scenic Glenullin in the townland of Formil outside Garvagh, this production follows the life of Patrick Stephen McLaughlin, a plant hire and agricultural contractor who works throughout the district. Watch him fencing, draining, excavating, ploughing and reseeding using heavy plant. This production tells the story of Life on a modern mountain farm and the varied types of work throughout the whole year. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP0104 Big Scale Contracting
with McConaghys Contracts - the A Team The McConaghy family who live outside Bushmills not only farm but are also one of the largest agricultural teams in the North West. This production follows the busy A-Team from early Spring until Winter as they plough, re-seed, cut silage, plant wheat, maize and barley and harvest wholecrop and maize. They also spread slurry as well as doing excavation work on a massive scale. This team work with the best of modern machinery, watch and you will be amazed as this 100 minute DVD brings BIG time contracting onto your TV screens!
Order Code : LFP098 A Classic Way of Farming
Featuring cutting silage, spreading manure and lime also harvesting the Barley Crop. With the huge increase in modern machinery, members of the Donegal Threshing Club and Road Run Society descide to turn the clock back to the seventies when they worked the land for silage and barley using a whole range of classic machinery. Relive those days as the club spread manure, plough, spread lime, sow barley, cut silage and harvest the barley crop in true classic style. Proceeds in aid of Our Lady?s Hospital for sick children in Co. Dublin
Order Code : LFP0096 Power In The Field PROCEEDS TO CHARITY
Featuring the Fendt song, The Silage Contractor, The Ploughing Song, plus others. D.J Strain works as a farming contractor at Ballyclare, Co. Antrim. This DVD follows his work throughout the year as he spreads slurry, cuts silage which he specialises in and prepares the land. D.J is a great fan of the Fendt and this production shows us the range of Fendt tractors at work cutting, rowing and lifting silage with a Claas forage harvester, and also three silage wagons. A real insight into silage harvesting and a production sure to be popular with all those involved in farming. Narrated by George Dallas. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proceeds from this DVD in aid of NICCUF - Northern Ireland Children?s Cancer Unit Fund.
Order Code : LFP0095 Life On The Land vol.2
The varied and busy life of a farming contractor. Life On The Land is the second DVD production following the lives of farming contractors the Montgomery family from Eglinton. In this programme we join the family in late spring harvesting the first silage crop in mid May. Over the rest of the year work involves shearing and dipping sheep, spraying and digging potatoes, cutting the whole crop, spreading slurry, reseeding and spreading lime, calving cows and feeding young calves ? finishing off with cutting hedges. A packed DVD full of information reflecting modern farming in the 21st century. Narrated by George Dallas.
Order Code : CD002 CD - Modern Farming Songs pt2 by Peter Mac
A collection of original farming songs Peter McKeever has been writing songs for a few years ? now with the help of Ian Linton, Peter has started to write farming songs to accompany the fantastic DVDs produced by Linton Film Productions. This CD brings together just some of those wonderful songs that he wrote about modern day farming using the best machinery available. This CD (part 2) has the fantastic Fendt Song among other great songs.
Order Code : CD001 CD - Modern Farming Songs pt1 by Peter Mac
Peter McKeever has been writing songs for a few years ? now with the help of Ian Linton, Peter has started to write farming songs to accompany the fantastic DVDs produced by Linton Film Productions. This CD brings together just some of those wonderful songs that he wrote about modern day farming using the best machinery available. This CD (part 1) has the fantastic New Holland Song among other great songs.
Order Code : LFP0094 Life On The Land Vol 1
Life on the land follows the Montgomery family throughout a whole year of farming and contracting. In volume 1 of the production January arrives, but even in the dark winter days there?s much to do ? cattle need milked and attended to. As the year continues on the land, fields are fertilized, rotavated, ploughed and crops planted while new life appears with the arrival of the lambs. An informative production highlighting the best of modern farming today. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP080 Lawn Turf Production in the Roe Valley
The Foyle Estuary has for generations been the bread basket of Northern Ireland. However changes are taking place today as farmers such as John Jameson diversify into new ventures. Evergreen Lawns harvests grass, acres of beautiful turf lawn grass for use in sports fields, gardens and public parks. This production looks into this new agricultural venture from preparation of the seed bed, through to the lifting and laying of the finished lawns. New machinery especially created for this industry are explained and demonstrated. A chance to follow a new and exciting venture in agriculture ! Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP079 Spuds by the Acre
Growing potatoes in modern times ? a great DVD following the potato farmer. Spuds by the acre covers the modern sowing, spraying and harvesting of potatoes in the Roe Valley. It follows the seed potatoes from planting to the supermarket shelf ? a look at the work of potato contractors Michael McCartney and John Hill who grew over 300 acres of potatoes each year. A real insight into modern farming techniques in the 21st century. Filled with lots of information on the potato past and present. Narrated by George Dallas.
Order Code : LVP076 GIANTS of Grass Harvesting VOL 2
The second DVD production on the Scotgrass demonstration held at the Scottish Agricultural College Farm at Chrichton Royal Farm, Dumfries continues with some of the biggest names in grass harvesting ? New Holland, Class, John Deere, McCormack and Stoll. Following on from the very successful and popular Vol.1 production, this DVD continues with more information and facts very relevant to silage harvesting.
Order Code : LVP075 GIANTS of Grass Harvesting VOL 1 +++ NEW +++
The Crichton Royal Farm, outside Dumfries owned by the Scottish Agricultural College was the venue for Scotgrass, one of the largest grass harvesting demonstrations ever held which brought together 24 of the biggest names in grass and silage harvesting. This production gives you the opportunity to see some of the biggest and best in action - Massey Ferguson, Pottinger, Welger, Lely An Krone. See these machines at work in this informative and factual DVD. a must for any 'BIG machine' enthusiast.
Order Code : LVP070 Working The Land
A Year in the life of an agricultural contractor - Working the Land follows agricultural contractor Denver Scott as he spends a year contracting around farms. Ploughing, sowing maize and wheat, de-stoning the land for potatoes, cutting silage, wholecrop and maize and ending the year spreading slurry. This informative production gives a good insight into modern day farming.
Order Code : LFP0061 Modern Life In The Quarry Industry
Modern life in the quarry industry is an exciting and detailed production looking at all aspects of work in a quarry. It includes clearing the ground, preparing for blasting and removing the stones to the large stone breaking units on site. You?ll be amazed at how detailed a quarryman?s work is and the care now taken for the environment.
Order Code : LFP0060 From The Seed To The Shelf
Under the shadow of the beautiful Binevenagh mountain and along the shores of Lough Foyle,some of the richest agricultural land in Ireland exists. This production looks at the work of local carrot growers throughout the year harvest a crop we take for granted. Filled with commentary and local song ? this is a must for your collection.
Order Code : LFP0058 County and 'BIG POWER' classics
Welcome to the County and BIG Power Classic Tractors display held in Templepatrick, Co Antrim. Here we see working displays of Countys, Roadless, Murhills, Fords, Internationals and David Browns, Massey Fergusons etc, working on the land.
Order Code : LVP0055 Modern Silage Machinery at Work
The Scotgrass exhibition held near Lockerbie (Scotland) brought together a vast array of grass harvesting and handling equipment. Lockerbie ? a great day out captured by the camera.
Order Code : LVP0045 Champions of the Soil
This video captures the excitement and challenge of the 51st World Ploughing Contest with interviews and wonderful pictures of the ?cream? of the ploughmen in action.
Order Code : LVP0044 Modern Farming Techniques
Modern Farming Techniques is a new one hour video which follows modern farming practice in silage and wholecrop, using modern machinery
Order Code : LVP0038 Farming Moves Forward
This video contains an insight into modern farming in the 21st Century. Packed with information it is an excellent video for farmers and anyone interested in agriculture.
Order Code : LVP0009 The Ulster Farming Year
This video is probably different from any farming video that you have previously purchased or viewed. Is a breathtaking documentary of seasons on Ulster?s farms in the 1990?s

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