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Order Code : BOXSET08 Classic Farming 4 DVD Boxset NEW ADDITION
This Classic Farming 4 DVD Boxset capturing Classic Farming in the 1950's into the early 1980's. Countys, Roadless, Murhills, Ford, Internationals, Massey Ferguson are all seen working on the farms. Ploughing, spreading manure and lime, sowing and harvesting barley, silage and reclaiming land all done in true classic style. We capture probably one of Northern Ireland's largest hay producers on flat land at Ballykelly Aerodrome producing up to 2000 round bales, a true sight in one huge area. Once the hay is cut, fertilizer is sown and the silage crop cut. Running time 4 hours Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : BOXSET07 Aul Tyme Farming 4 DVD Boxset NEW!
Aul Tyme Farming is a unique documentary of how men worked the land in past times. Ploughing with donkeys and horses and sowing by hand, shearing sheep, cutting peats and restoring an old Jones Baler to harvest the corn. This 4 DVD boxset shows us the struggle the men had during bad weather to get the crops harvested. A must have set for the vintage enthusiast.
Order Code : LFP0146 Corn Harvest Memories
Corn Harvest Memories at Culkenny Farm Outside Ballycastle in County Antrim, Ballycastle and District Vintage Club take on a venture to grow corn. We follow them as they harvest 1.5 acres by using vintage and classic machinery. This DVD tells the story of ploughing, making ground ready, sowing and maintaining the crop until it was harvested, stocked, hutted and threshed. An enjoyable experience from days of old. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP0143 Field of Corn
This film 'Field of Corn' takes an in-depth nostalgic look at the harvesting machines and methods of yesteryear, Irvine Kane and the group of enthusiasts demonstrates the skills required to set up and operate a variety of machinery including binders, threshing mills and balers. We see how the group copes with the wet season, adapting old methods such as hutting and indeed double hutting to try to get the crop saved. The project is all the more heart warming as the underlying aim is to raise monies for Myeloma UK and Marie Curie cancer charities. An interesting, informative and nostalgic look back as the harvest was traditionally the best time in the farming year. Narrated by Dr John Kerr, running time is 60 minutes. In aid of Myeloma UK and Marie Curie cancer charities.
Order Code : LFP0140 Haymaking in Ballycomlargy
90 minutes of vintage machinery beneath Slieve Gallion Braes. Ballycomlargy nestling in the foot hill of Slieve Gullion between Desertmartin and Moneymore is home to a unique band of vintage enthusiasts. This production follows the team using vintage and classic machinery from days gone by to produce a crop of hay which is seldom seen nowadays. Rolling, sowing, mowing, shaking, rowing and baling are all carried out with classic machinery which is all in perfect working order. Men and women from neighbouring townlands also come to help take part in activities from days gone by. Haymaking in Ballycomlargy, a 90 minute production for the vintage enthusiasts. Narrated by Dr John Kerr
Order Code : FLX083 Flax in Donegal
Flax in Donegal - Turning Back the Years Flax was once the king of crops across Ulster and certainly Donegal. Today it is only a memory, however the men of Glenmaquin Threshing Club decided to try to recreate this lost practice by growing their own flax and having it made into a finished product. This production follows their attempt, with scutching at McConville's Scutch Mill in Dromore and spinning and handweaving at Michael Molloy's traditional craft centre in Ardara. Money raised through the sales of the DVD will help fund the BUMLEance Children's National Ambulance Service, a very worthwhile cause. Running Time 1hr 30mins, narrated by George Dallas.
Order Code : LFP0138 The Vintage Men NEW
A tribute to our vintage enthusiasts - Proceeds in aid of Friends of the Cancer Centre. Over the past 30 years men from Garvagh have been to the fore in promoting the vintage machinery scene locally and further afield. However with the passing of years many of these original stalwarts and enthusiasts are no longer with us. This production tells the story of eight local men who played a significant role within vintage machinery circles and is a tribute to their hard work, dedication and their love for years gone by. We join them once more in a variety of tasks ranging from building a corn stack to ploughing, sowing, reaping and threshing all using vintage machinery of bygone days. Proceeds in aid of Friends of the Cancer Centre. Running time 1hr 30mins Narrated by Dr. John Kerr
Order Code : LFP0129 A Field of Gold
A Field of Gold follows a group of farming enthusiasts from the Glenmaquin area of Donegal who sow and harvest a field of corn as it would have been worked in the 1950s. Using machinery and skills from that era the whole venture becomes a community event with the collecting of seaweed as fertilizer, ploughing and preparing the ground, sowing, reaping, cutting the corn and threshing. A living memory of a period of time when work was very different from today. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP0126 End Of An Era
Few of us now remember working horses on farms and so 'End Of An Era' follows a group of men who worked horses on farms in their earlier days. Using traditional skills with horses and machinery from that era, they work the land ploughing, sowing and planting corn, potatoes and turnips. The production follows the crops right through to harvest, as well as turf cutting and a visit to the blacksmith and horse dentist. The whole years work culminates at a packed harvest ball. A great opportunity to watch a piece of living history. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP0123 Reclaiming the Past
Restoring Farmland in Donegal. It's not often nowadays that you come across a piece of land that has been neglected for over 50 years. However, a whole hillside at Glenmaquin in Donegal left in such a state, offered the chance for the Gordon family to reclaim the land back to agricultural use, using agricultural machinery from the 1950's to 1970's. Join the Gordons and their neighbours as they begin 'Reclaiming the Past'. Narrated by George Dallas. All proceeds from this DVD goes to Donegal Branch of Alzheimer's Society.
Order Code : LFP0099 Old Fashioned Threshing Day
In past years an ?Old Fashioned Threshing Day? was a common sight around many a farm. A group of Desertmartin vintage enthusiasts re-enact a threshing day in an old fashioned style. With the hum of the mill, the music and the stir of the day, we can look back from our living rooms at the hard work which these men had on an ?Old Fashioned Threshing Day?. Narrated by George Dallas
Order Code : LFP083 Days in the Aul Life Vol 2
Days in the Aul Life tells the story of a year in Donegal, when members of the Donegal Threshing Club grew crops of corn and potatoes, worked them and harvested them in the old ways of 50 years ago. Filmed over the year, this unique project brings together a community, who share skills and machinery of the era and who learn from each other. In this volume 2, faced with poor weather, it is a struggle to find suitable days to harvest but that?s all part of the story!
Order Code : LFP082 Days in the Aul Life Vol 1
Days in the Aul Life tells the story of a year in Donegal, when members of the Donegal Threshing Club grew crops of corn and potatoes, worked them and harvested them in the old ways of 50 years ago. Filmed over the year, this unique project brings together a community, who share skills and machinery of the era and who learn from each other. This volume 1 shows the ploughing with donkey, horse and tractor planting potatoes and sowing corn. This production is a must for all vintage enthusiast and agricultural historians.
Order Code : LVP069 Turning The Sod NEW
100 Years ploughing at Kilroot ? In 1906 the Kilroot Agricultural Society was formed outside Carrickfergus. One hundred years on, the society is as vibrant as ever. Join the members of Kilroot as they look back on 100 years and as they organise their centenary ploughing match which would be the biggest day in the history of the society. An excellent production which chronicles life in this part of East Antrim over the last 100 years.
Order Code : LVP068 A Clydesdale?s Tale NEW
The Clydesdale Horse has for years been the backbone of the agricultural life on many farms. Now replaced by machinery, nevertheless the charm and allure of this breed remains. Derek Espie from Cookstown breeds Clydesdales and this production follows the breed from birth through training, to the climax of the Balmoral Show. A must, for all horse lovers and for those who hold the Clydesdale dear to their hearts.
Order Code : LFP0063 Sheep Breeds On The Farm
Think you know all the sheep breeds in Ireland ? Well think again ! This production brings some of the lesser known breeds now making a comeback across Ireland to the scene. The traditional Galway Sheep, Ireland's only native breed, the Sheep from the Bronze Age, the Soay, as well as many others appear in this informative and beautifully filmed production. The production also follows Ballycastle farmers, Sean and Fiona McAllister as they show their Kerryhill flock at the Londonderry and LImavady Show. One of the best DVDs produced by Linton Film Productions.
Order Code : LFP0062 Flax - The Forgotten Harvest
Flax production in Ulster is now a thing of the past, in many ways a forgotten harvest. It was, in it's day however, the main crop grown in Ulster and so members of the Armagh Vintage Vehicle Club relive those days by planting, growing and harvesting a field of flax.
Order Code : LVP0052 Irish Poultry World
A little known fact is that poultry keeping is one of Irelands largest pastimes. In this new production some of the more unusual and rare species of poultry found in Ireland are unearthed. Packed with information this volume 1 introduces to all a broad rare of poultry related material.
Order Code : LVP0049 Memories from an Armagh Corn Harvest
Over the past 4 years a Co Armagh man, Colum Ferris has been organising a traditional threshing day in aid of Newry Hospice. This captures the sights and sounds of the threshing outfit at work and the binding and stoking of the corn.
Order Code : LVP0048 Life Around the Cornstack
Years ago the cornstack was common place in every farm in Ireland ? today it has virtually disappeared. The production once again captures the building of a cornstack from the binding to the erection of the stack itself.
Order Code : LVP0046 The Auld Threshing Mill
The Auld Threshing Mills is a one hour production capturing the sights and sounds that vintage enthusiasts always love to see and hear, a great day?s threshing at Foreglen.
Order Code : LVP0031 Mullahead & District Annual Ploughing Match
This is the districts 88th annual ploughing match and incorporates the 3rd Ulster Horse Ploughing Championship.
Order Code : LVP0028 A Vintage Farmers Dream
The story of a restored Jones Bailer and its use on the farm. This 1-hour video tells the story of a vintage mans dream of restoring a 1940?s Jones Bailer.
Order Code : LVP0022 A Day at the Thresher
This is a unique video of a day at the thresher in the 1950?s, packed full with music and song; this is one for your collection.
Order Code : LVP0019 Flax - an Irish Memory
At one time flax was one of Ireland?s leading industries now it is relegated to the pages of history.
Order Code : LVP0017 Country Boyhood Days
This exciting video tells the story of a boy growing up on a farm in the 1950?s. It is a unique history, full of information of a time now gone.
Order Code : LVP0013 A Golden Harvest
This video follows a group of vintage enthusiasts from Desertmartin as they relive a year?s corn production.
Order Code : LVP0003 Old Skills
Is a unique historical insight into those skills and crafts once so common in everyday life but now relegated to history.
Order Code : LVP0001 The Way It Used To Be
This Video shows us the way things used to be done in days gone by.

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